Freelancer Process

Signing up and creating Freelancer Profile

  1. Sign up by clicking on the “SIGN UP” tab on the top right of the Home page or by clicking on the “Register as Freelancer” tab on the Home page
  2. Fill in all the required detail including name, email and password. Please ensure your email details are correct as you will only be able to activate your account once you have verified your email address by replying to the GigSafari confirmation email which will be sent to you
  3. Make sure you understand the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, click on the “I’m not a robot” request (for security purposes) and then click on the “Sign Up” tab to receive your verification email from GigSafari
  4. Open the email which would have been sent to you from GigSafari and click on the “Confirm my email address” tab in order to verify your email contact details. This will take you back into the GigSafari website
  5. Click on the “Update profile” tab on the website, and then click on the “edit” tab
  6. Complete your profile by adding information about your Title, Location, Experience, Hourly rate and skills. You can also upload a profile picture by clicking on the “Profile Picture” tab in the top left corner of the profile page. You can decide how much detail you’d like to include, but remember that employers will need sufficient information to allow them to evaluate who is the best candidate for their project
  7. When you have inserted a short paragraph highlighting your skills and experience, click on the “Save” tab to ensure your profile information is saved. You can edit this profile information at any time
  8. If you would like to show your availability for projects and receive project suggestions, ensure that the “Yes” tab is selected under the “Available for Hire” option
  9. Ensure that you have enough proposal bids to bid on suitable projects. When signing up as a freelancer on GigSafari, you will automatically be given 10 free bids. Each time you bid on a project you will be required to use 1 bid credit. You will be able to purchase more proposal bids at any time by clicking on the “purchase more bids” tab on your profile (for more information on the Bid process please refer to The Bid system on GigSafari and how to use it)
  10. Should you wish to highlight examples of previous work, projects, articles etc., you can do this by clicking on the “Add new” tab under the Portfolio section on your profile
  11. Complete your profile by adding relevant information regarding your Work Experience, Education and Certification. This can be done by clicking on the “Add new” tab under each of these sections under your profile

Browsing and Bidding on Projects

  1. Sign in to GigSafari and then click on the “Find Projects” tab on the home page
  2. You can search for specific types of projects using Keywords, Location, Budget, Skills or category. Alternatively, you can scroll down to see a list of all the projects on the site
  3. Click on the project title to get more information regarding the project and employer
  4. If you have the relevant skills, availability and appetite for the project and would like to forward a proposal, click on the “Bid” tab
  5. Complete the required information regarding your proposed budget and approach, and then click on the “Submit” tab. Your name should now appear among the list of bidders on the project
  6. A notification will then be sent to the employer who posted the project, and they now have the option to engage with you to ask questions and request further details. All these conversations will be facilitated through the GigSafari platform
  7. Should your bid be selected by the Employer, you will be notified on the GigSafari platform and via email, and you can commence the project and communicate with the Employer via Workspace on the GigSafari platform
  8. If the Employer selects another freelancer for the project, you will also receive notification of this
  9. When the project is complete, click on the “Complete” tab to indicate completion of the project
  10. When the Employer has indicated their acceptance of the completed project, the agreed project fee, less an administration fee of 12% to cover software, administration, and operational costs, will be credited to your account
  11. You will then be directed to a screen to review and rate the employer
  12. When the employer has indicated the project has been completed, you will be notified on the GigSafari platform and via email, and asked to review and rate the employer if you have not already done so