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  • Wendy

    Virtual Assistant

    15 years experience 0 projects worked R100.00/hr R0 earned

    I do all things admin

  • Anke-Marié

    Professional copywriter, transcriber, editor, and more!

    2 years experience 0 projects worked R30.00/hr R0 earned

    I am a hard-working, detail-oriented, trustworthy, intelligent and reliable freelancer.

    I graduated high school with 5 distinctions and was ranked 7th in my class. I am also a former accounting student.

    I have basic to intermediate knowledge about accounting, maths, biology and I have good computer skills.

    I am a fast learner and I adapt quickly. I am tech savvy as well and I speak, write and type in 2 languages (English and Afrikaans) fluently.  

    I always take my…

  • Deirdre

    Creative and communications specialist

    17 years experience 0 projects worked R500.00/hr R0 earned

    Design has evolved in the 17 years that Deirdre has been active in the field. She has spent this time crafting strong content with appealing design. Clients and employers have benefitted from her ability to encapsulate the narrative across traditional and digital media channels, ensuring that the striking designs communicate the brand’s objectives across all platforms.



    Web development team

    4 years experience 0 projects worked R75.00/hr R0 earned

    Quality Code is a group of three developers who specialize in front-end who met at university. We provide the best modern websites to ensure users get a great experience and we have a creative team that is dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions and we also redesign your website.

    Our Website: https://qualitycode.co.za/

  • Clarissa

    Virtual Assistant and Graphic Design

    3 years experience 0 projects worked R200.00/hr R0 earned

    Professional, deadline driven with a eye for details. I always strive to deliver the utmost best quality of work for my clients. Creative Designing of all kinds – Logos, company identity branding, advertisements, posters/flyers, stationary sets. All administrative needs, I am excellent with communicating – more than proficient with any customer communication. I have a knack for problem solving and find a solution even when there is none readily visible. Let me handle your admin, appointments, emails and everything in…

  • Augustine

    Web Design

    2 years experience 0 projects worked R0 earned

    I am a web developer looking to customize your website to your requirements.

  • Yvette

    Sales Administrator

    2 years experience 0 projects worked R65.00/hr R0 earned

    I have 4 years experience in the retail sales industry, where I moved to an administrative position as a sales support agent for the last 2 and a half years. I am currently in the process of studying Web development and design, which is the next step in my career.

  • Upendar

    Dev Team

    12 years experience 0 projects worked R0 earned

    Hello World

    we Are a team of four developers from front end to the backend with a wide range of expertise in angularjs, nodejs, reactjs, native framework, bootstrap and java, java ee, spring web and spring security and spring boot frameworks Developing websites or application from front end to the backend. We work projec basis,hourly basis etc. you will never go wrong with us

    keep smiling. 

  • Eddy

    Architechture and interior design

    8 years experience 0 projects worked R550.00/hr R0 earned

    I am a creative architectural and interior designer who will  bring out the best solution for your space. I am passionate about creating the right solution to your spatial requirements.


  • Willem

    web designing,logo creation,intro/outro video creation,word,excel,data capturing

    2 years experience 0 projects worked R200.00/hr R0 earned


    My name is Willem Lamprecht and i have experience in Logo Creation,Web Designing,Youtube Intro/Outr0 Video Creation,Data capturing,Word,Excel or any kind of computer literate work 

    if you decide to hire me for any kind of job i will give you my 110% Focus and i work in a thorough manner.

    I work good under pressure and i do not mind finishing a task in deadline time.

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